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Oil Painting Giclee from Photos
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Avon Park, FL, US
Reviewed on: June 8, 2019
My mother, high school graduation. From a photo, results were absolutely beautiful!

East Haven, CT, US
Reviewed on: June 6, 2019
A beautiful portrait of a beloved lost family member. An absolute treasure for our family. Thank you my DaVinci for a spot on capture. I look forward to future purchases of lifetime memories.

2nd Time Buyer
by Eric Keeneth
Columbus, OH, US
Reviewed on: March 10, 2019
Davinci has done a great job putting baby pictures to oil and canvas. This is a great idea for your spouse for any occasion!

photo to painting - Anniversary gift
Glendale, AZ, US
Reviewed on: March 3, 2019
The work done was wonderful. They were able to 'remove' a beer bottle and turned out a terrific product. Thank you!!!!

Beautiful Bride
by Karen Chase
Reviewed on: January 7, 2019
I love it. Thank you so much.

Mother Love
by Karen Chase
Reviewed on: January 7, 2019
I absolutely love it.

Turned out great!
Reviewed on: December 20, 2018
Very pleased with how the painting turned out! Awesome!

Better than Original
by Joshua Dolinger
Reviewed on: November 14, 2018
We had an old photo of me and my mom when I was a little tyke that we have been talking about getting painted for several years.

My dad had taken the photo and it was his favorite. The artist did an amazing job with it and I can't wait for Christmas to roll around and see my parents faces when they unwrap it. Now both of us can have it hanging on our walls.

Great solution for enlarging a low res photo
by Karen S.
Reviewed on: October 23, 2018
We wanted to have a large portrait of my father for his memorial service, but most of the photographs we had were low resolution and couldn't be enlarged to the size we wanted without significant pixelation. This digital painting was a good balance between cost and turn around time. It was a very fast process and I was sent a proof to approve within a day or 2. It was well protected during shipment. The only thing I would do differently in the future is find a frame first and purchase the size to match the frame. Due to the size I ordered, off the shelf frame selection was limited. This was a great service and the smoothness of the transaction was greatly appreciated during a very stressful time.

Great Artwork
Hallandale Beach, FL, US
Reviewed on: September 25, 2018
I have had a black and white picture of my great-grandfather . He really came alive on the canvas! Now I know how he looked alive, almost 100 years ago, just like my grandma used to describe him!
I am a returning customer,
Love myDaVinci work every time!

Then and now anniversary photo picture
Reviewed on: September 21, 2018
I have been dealing with my Da Vinci for several years. Never ever disappointed by them or their work. This picture was done absolutely beautifully. I always am so confident when they do work for me. Always a email to b sure that's how I want it with a final preview before doing. I give them stars beyond belief!

by Elisabeth Petronio
Geneva, NY, US
Reviewed on: September 13, 2018
Fact turnaround. Great quality. I am very pleased!

Anniversary present
by Margarita Prasova
Sharon, MA, US
Reviewed on: June 23, 2018
Very nice and charming picture, looks even better than the photo. I can’t wait to present it to my brother and sister-in-low for their anniversary. I’m sure they will also like it.

Unbelievable painting of the picture
by Chris Clemons
Shelbyville , KY, US
Reviewed on: February 8, 2018
The painter was spot on with the colors and motion of the painting because it was a very emotional time in my life. It ment allot for me how well done the picture was done and my wife will love it Thank you very much

So amazed!
Reviewed on: February 4, 2018
I absolutely love our artwork! It constantly catches my eye whenever I'm in the room with it.

Great Artwork
by Lyudmila Kagan
Brooklyn, NY, US
Reviewed on: August 15, 2017
When we gave the portret to our parents. They cried tears of joy because it was beautiful and they could not believe it was them 30 years ago. I cried because it was a wonderful family moment.

Aruba Baby
by Karen Chase
Marblehead, MA, US
Reviewed on: August 12, 2017
I absolutely love it.

by Joelle
Coral Springs, FL, US
Reviewed on: June 22, 2017
This picture took a few reviews to get it exactly as I wanted it. They worked with me to make it perfect!
Thank you so much for your time and patience! I really appreciate it!

Charlie Brown
by Joelle
Coral Springs, FL, US
Reviewed on: June 17, 2017
This was so easy and on point with first review! I love this picture!

by Joelle
Coral Springs, FL, US
Reviewed on: June 17, 2017
It was easy to walk together with the artist on this piece. I sent in a photo of my dog and a picture of an art piece that I liked along with colors that I would like to see used. It was that easy!

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